Man caught in drug ring sent back to jail

WAILUKU — A Kihei man was taken into custody Wednesday to finish serving an 18-month jail term after he was arrested when police seized more than 400 grams of methamphetamine in a search of a Kihei condominium.

Dondon Medina, 43, also was placed on 10 years’ probation and ordered to perform 200 hours of community service.

“Although you weren’t the one that transported the drugs to Maui, you were present,” 2nd Circuit Judge Rhonda Loo said to Medina.

She said co-defendant Tom Guevarra, 39, of Las Vegas and a woman were there when police executed a search warrant at a Kihei condominium March 25, 2015.

Police reported finding 413.17 grams of methamphetamine, “which is a huge amount of drugs,” Loo said.

“That amount of drugs should not be coming into Maui County, should not be coming into anywhere,” she said.

Police also recovered more than $3,000 in cash. Medina also had drugs in his pocket, according to police.

According to an indictment charging the men, Guevarra transported methamphetamine to Maui in January 2015 and on March 23, 2015. Guevarra paid Medina with methamphetamine in exchange for transportation and for acting as Guevarra’s local connection to Maui, according to the indictment.

“You drove around with them,” Loo said. “You did drugs with them.

“I know you’re not the main player. You moved around the drugs. You partook of the drugs.”

Medina had pleaded no contest to first-degree promoting a dangerous drug, with the prosecution dismissing a charge of criminal conspiracy. A plea agreement between the defense and prosecution recommended probation for Medina.

After spending more than a year in jail before being released on supervision in November, Medina was working and hoping to enter a drug rehabilitation program, said his attorney, John Parker.

“I want to prove it to you that I can change,” Medina said in court. “I can turn my life around. Finally, I woke up from my wrongdoing.”

Deputy Prosecutor Jeffery Temas said it would be up to Medina to abstain from drugs.

“He had a good life,” Temas said. “He was married. He has children. He had a good job. But drugs messed it up.”

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