5G technology target of protest


Community members rally against the deployment of high-speed 5G technology on Wednesday along Kaahumanu Avenue as part of the nationwide 5G Day of Action. Calling it an “educational teach-in, not a protest,” residents aimed to raise awareness about the potential hazards of exposure to wireless radiation resulting from 5G small-cell antennas. Event organizer Debra Greene said that “5G has never been safely tested” and expressed concern about a bill that Gov. David Ige signed last year allowing next-generation wireless broadband infrastructure in Hawaii, paving the way for 5G networks. “We know for sure that low level exposure to wireless radiation over time can interfere with normal brain development and also increase the risk of cancer,” Greene said. Cellphone companies maintain the technology is safe and have started rolling out mobile 5G networks in certain cities, though it could take a few years for it to go national, according to The Associated Press. The Maui event was sponsored by KeepYourPower.org, “a group of educated, concerned citizens of Hawaii” working to halt 5G technology and smart meters until they can be proven safe.