Click It or Ticket kicks off Monday

Not buckling up you or your keiki could cost big bucks with one citation for every infraction

Police departments state-wide will ramp up enforcement of seat belt laws during the annual Click It or Ticket campaign, which will start Monday and run through June 2.

The state Department of Transportation has issued federal grants to the four county police departments for overtime enforcement of Hawaii’s seat belt and child restraint laws. During the federal fiscal year 2018, the four departments issued 12,051 citations for failure to use a seat belt and 1,160 citations for failure to use child restraints.

“Not buckling up yourself or your keiki could cost more than $102 if you’re lucky, and your life or the life of someone you love if you aren’t,” said DOT Director Jade Butay.

In 2017, 21 of the 60 motor vehicle occupants who died in Hawaii were unrestrained. Records also show the number of unrestrained motor vehicle occupant fatalities increased at night.

Hawaii’s universal seat belt law requires that all front and back seat motor vehicle occupants buckle up. Adults and children must use their seat belts and child passenger restraints at all times. The fine for unrestrained occupants on Oahu, Hawaii island and Maui is $102, and the fine on Kauai is $112. Drivers will receive one citation for every unrestrained occupant in the vehicle. Violators convicted of the child passenger restraint law are required to attend a four-hour class and be assessed a fine between $100 and $500, depending on the number of convictions.

Hawaii’s Child Passenger Restraint law requires children under 4 years of age to ride in a child safety seat. The law also requires children 4 through 7 years old to ride in a child restraint or booster seat.

For more information on how to safely restrain children in a motor vehicle, visit hidot.hawaii.gov/highways/safe-communites/child-passenger-safety/.

For more information on the national Click It or Ticket campaign and national seat belt statistics, visit nhtsa.gov/ciot.