County to suspend auctions of abandoned vehicles

The Maui News

Maui County’s Department of Environmental Management will be indefinitely suspending future abandoned vehicle auctions after the last auction on May 31 as the county was spending more money on the auctions than generating revenue, the county said on Monday.

In fiscal year 2018, only 165 total vehicles were sold at six bimonthly auctions, requiring expenses higher to the county than the revenue generated, according to a news release.

Last year, HRS 290, the state law governing removal of abandoned vehicles from public properties, was amended to eliminate the requirement that abandoned vehicles be “disposed of by auction.”

The mandate now requires only that the county store abandoned vehicles for 10 business days before disposal, without notification to owners. The current practice in Maui County is to notify owners by certified mail and store for at least 30 days before scrapping, or a minimum of 10 business days before auctioning.

Effective June 1, all nonderelict vehicles will be disposed of 30 days after attempting notification to owners.

For more information on the Department of Environmental Management programs, including the Junk Vehicle Disposal Assistance Program, which allows residents to dispose of one vehicle per year for free, visit www.mauicounty.gov/avm.

To report an abandoned vehicle, call the Maui Police Department nonemergency line at 244-6400 and press “0” to file a report.


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