Bail terms violated during drug test

The Maui News

WAILUKU — A Kahului man who is facing felony drug charges was ordered back to jail for violating conditions of his release on bail.

Lorden Cooper, 30, had twice posted bonds to be released after his arrest April 16 when police vice officers executed search warrants and reported finding more than 1 ounce of methamphetamine in his pickup truck in a Wailuku parking lot.

According to testimony at a hearing Aug. 1 in 2nd Circuit Court, Cooper used illegal drugs and tried to pass a drug test by using an apparatus strapped around his hip.

Matthew Yafuso, supervisor of the Maui Intake Service Center, testified he stopped the test July 1 after seeing Cooper using the device to produce a urine sample. Yafuso said that after being confronted, Cooper acknowledged he was using a device.

“He said, ‘Yes, I do a lot of drugs, so I use this,’ ” Yafuso said.

Cooper previously tested positive for marijuana and methamphetamine use on May 20 and admitted he had used methamphetamine on May 17, according to testimony. He tested negative for drug use on June 7.

In a memorandum asking the court to revoke Cooper’s release on bail, Deputy Prosecutor Tracy Jones said it is alleged that Cooper “is a felon who was engaged in large scale dealing of methamphetamine while on probation.”

In the April 16 search of Cooper’s truck, police vice officers reported finding methamphetamine packaged for sale, including some of the drug in a sunglasses case at the feet of co-defendant Jamen Sugahara. During testimony at a preliminary hearing, police said Cooper admitted the methamphetamine was his and said he sells methamphetamine using Sugahara as a runner.

Officers also reported finding cash, including $5,180 that Cooper said was proceeds from drug sales, according to police.

Cooper was arrested in the parking lot of Puuone Plaza, which is within 750 feet from Papohaku Park, police said.

Cooper is on probation for unauthorized control of a propelled vehicle in a 2014 case.

His criminal history includes 19 convictions, three for felony offenses, according to Jones’ memorandum. Cooper was sentenced to a five-year prison term in 2003 and 2004 cases after being terminated from participating in the Maui Drug Court program of treatment and supervision, according to the memorandum.

In his latest case, Cooper has pleaded not guilty to charges of first-degree promoting of a dangerous drug, possessing drug paraphernalia and promoting a controlled substance near a school or park.

Court records show a $130,000 bail bond was posted for Cooper’s release after his arrest April 16 and a $200,000 bail bond was posted for his release in July after he was arrested on the allegations that he had violated requirements of his bail.

At the hearing Aug. 1, Judge Peter Cahill found that Cooper had violated conditions of his bail and ordered that he be taken into custody to serve an 80-day sanction.

An Oct. 14 trial is set for Cooper.

Co-defendant Sugahara, 39, of Wailuku is awaiting trial.