Man goes to Home Depot again, violates probation

The Maui News

WAILUKU — A man who was ordered to stay away from Home Depot when he was placed on probation for theft was arrested after he returned to the Kahului store and stole three water heaters, a deputy prosecutor said.

Andrew Rempel, 41, who gave no local address, was arrested Tuesday and charged with second-degree theft.

His latest theft from Home Depot occurred July 30, said Deputy Prosecutor Joanne Hicks.

A little more than a month earlier, on June 25, Rempel was sentenced to four years’ probation for stealing from the store on April 9, Hicks said. As part of his probation, Rempel was ordered not to be within 100 yards of Home Depot, she said.

The prosecution opposed Rempel’s request for a lower bail amount when he appeared Wednesday in Wailuku District Court.

“He’s known to be homeless here,” Hicks said. “He’s reoffending even though he’s on probation for exactly the same behavior.”

She said Rempel faces sentencing as a repeat offender if he’s convicted in his latest case. He also has convictions from 1998 to 2011 in Florida for DUI, driving with a suspended license, petty theft and fraudulent use of a credit card, Hicks said.

Judge Michelle Drewyer kept Rempel’s bail at $5,000.

He was ordered to have no contact with two store employees who are witnesses in the case and to not return to Home Depot.


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