Cash-only bail upheld for man charged with assault for 2nd time

Daniel Hoopai arrested for alleged assault of his wife

WAILUKU — A Kahului man is being held on cash-only bail of $24,000 after he was arrested last week for allegedly assaulting his wife, who had obtained a court order for protection from him.

Daniel Hoopai, 25, was awaiting sentencing on a charge of second-degree assault of the same woman when he was arrested for assaulting her again Oct. 28, attorneys said.

At a bail hearing for Hoopai on Thursday, Deputy Prosecutor Joanne Hicks asked that bail remain the same for Hoopai.

“This defendant poses a significant danger to the victim, maybe not right at this moment, but when he loses his temper,” Hicks said. “He’s demonstrated a very clear cycle of violence.”

The morning of Oct. 28, Hoopai and his wife got into a heated argument in the parking lot of the Kanaha Beach Park campgrounds, according to police.

She wanted to get into her vehicle to go to her mother, but he wouldn’t let her leave, Hicks said. She said Hoopai grabbed his wife from behind, holding her neck and upper shoulder area in the crook of his elbow.

“She was unable to breathe for about five seconds,” Hicks said.

Hoopai fled before police arrived and was arrested the next day at a Dairy Road location in Kahului, according to police.

Hoopai has pleaded not guilty to second-degree assault, felony abuse of a family member, abuse and violating an order for protection.

Deputy Public Defender Tyler Stevenson asked that bail be reduced to $12,000 for Hoopai and that the cash-only restriction be lifted. Hoopai wouldn’t be able to post the cash amount, Stevenson said.

He said the protective order obtained by Hoopai’s wife, which expires in December, allows for contact between the couple but prohibits him from threatening or harming her.

Hicks said Hoopai’s criminal record includes two 2018 convictions for temporary restraining order violations against the same victim before they were married.

“There is no condition that the court can impose that will protect the complaining witness,” she said, in arguing that the cash-only restriction remain in place.

According to court records, Hoopai is awaiting sentencing this month for second-degree assault of his wife on March 21. A $5,000 bail bond was posted for his release in that case in August after a cash-only provision was removed, court records show.

Second Circuit Judge Joseph Cardoza said he considered factors including flight risk, dangerousness and financial circumstances in maintaining bail at $24,000 cash for Hoopai.

“Dangerousness is a very significant factor,” Cardoza said.

While noting that Hoopai is presumed innocent of the latest charges, “the background information is quite troubling,” Cardoza said.

He ordered Hoopai to have “absolutely no contact, directly or indirectly,” with his wife.

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