Haleakala featuring a special art exhibition

An art piece by Paul Rockwood depicting the demigod Maui snaring the sun will be among the works displayed at Haleakala National Park’s Headquarters Visitor Center during a special exhibit. National Park Service photo

The Maui News

Haleakala National Park unveiled a special exhibit featuring art from the museum archives at the Headquarters Visitor Center on Friday, according to a park announcement.

Original paintings and artwork include “The Demigod Maui Snaring the Rays of the Sun” and “Haleakala Crater” by Paul Rockwood; several watercolors by Bruce McGrew, the park’s first artist-in-residence in the 1970s; and “Sliding Sands” a collage by Natalie Westbrook, the park’s artist-in-residence in 2013.

During the special temporary exhibit, art supplies will be available to visitors of all ages at the visitor center, which is located at the 7,000-foot elevation level.

The exhibit runs through Dec. 2.


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