Water conservation urged in West Maui

The county Department of Water Supply is asking West Maui customers to continue voluntary water conservation in the midst of ongoing dry, hot conditions and reduced surface water flows entering water treatment facilities in Lahaina and Mahinahina.

Department of Water Supply Director Jeff Pearson said the county has cut production at the Mahinahina Water Treatment Plant by 50 percent to 1 million gallons per day, while production at the Lahaina plant is down 25 percent to 1.4 mgd.

“Next week, there is a planned two-day shutdown of the ditch system, meaning we will have no water at the Mahinahina plant,” Pearson said. “Conserving water now is very important for continued, reliable water service. Without conservation, our customers can expect low water pressure and possible water outages in some areas.”

A similar voluntary conservation notice was issued in September. The county said the voluntary conservation is needed until weather conditions improve.

To report a water problem, call 270-7633.


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