Dui Sentences

THE FOLLOWING SENTENCES for driving under the influence of intoxicating liquor occurred during the period of Dec. 3 to 5. The listings include the offender’s name, age, residence and charges. First offenders undergo a 14-hour alcohol abuse rehabilitation program, a substance abuse evaluation and a one-year license suspension with the ability to operate a vehicle if qualified for an ignition interlock device.

Wailuku District Court:

Omar Baker, 31, Haiku; DUI (drugs), fourth-degree promoting of a harmful drug; $100 fine, 17 hours of community service, $437 in fees.

Kimberly Ann Dovre, 48, Lahaina; DUI (second offense); five-day jail term, $1,500 fine, $462 in fees, two-year license revocation.

Brandon Henly, 27, Wailuku; DUI, driving without a license, inattention to driving, accidents involving striking unattended vehicle or property; two-day jail term, $550 in fines, $437 in fees.

Bryson Liggett, 18, Kihei; DUI (under 21); $250 fine, 180-day license suspension (30 days of no driving, 150 days of driving only to and from work or classes) 10-hour alcohol abuse education and counseling.