Zoning, property info on website

Zoning and real property information is more readily available and easily accessible to the public thanks to an update to the Maui County Real Property Tax website.

The site now includes a digital zoning map for Maui island with layers of additional information that can be added to the real property tax parcel map. The map already had layers, such as aerial imagery, recent sales, state land use districts, special management areas, tsunami evacuation zones and flood hazard areas.

The real property tax website is at www.mauipropertytax.com, and properties can be searched by owner name, location address or parcel number. To see a map, click on the “View Map” option; layer options are listed in the left frame.

By selecting “Island of Maui Zoning,” parcels change color with a legend showing what zoning the colors represent.

A PDF version of the map is available at www.mauicounty.gov/2159/Digital-Zoning-Map-Update-Project.

The project was a collaboration of the Departments of Finance Real Property Assessment Division and Planning.