Mental health exam granted for attempted murder suspect

The Maui News

Court proceedings have been suspended for a 44-year-old man facing charges including attempted murder and robbery while he is examined by mental health professionals.

Phillip Schorvitz’s attorney sought the examinations Wednesday in 2nd Circuit Mental Health Court.

Schorvitz was arrested Jan. 28 and charged with crimes that started at 10:35 a.m. when he entered the Tourneau store at The Shops at Wailea and fled with watches valued at $69,584, police said.

As he was leaving the store, he ran into an employee who was knocked to the ground and was later treated for a concussion, police said.

Then Schorvitz went to Ke Ali’i Ocean Villas on Lolupe Lane in Kihei at 11:07 a.m. and entered the manager’s office, police said. Schorvitz confronted the manager and sprayed him with pepper spray before the manager followed Schorvitz outside, police said.

Schorvitz attacked the manager with a knife, police said.

The manager sustained life-threatening injuries and was hospitalized, police said.

After leaving the Kihei property, where Schorvitz previously lived, he drove to another former residence in Kula, broke the rear windshield of a woman’s vehicle and pepper-sprayed her, police said.

Bail was set at $1,253,000 for Schorvitz. He has pleaded not guilty to attempted second-degree murder, second-degree robbery, second-degree assault, first-degree theft, two counts of third-degree assault and third-degree criminal property damage.

In a declaration filed in court last week, attorney Cary Virtue said Schorvitz was placed on suicide watch at the Maui Community Correctional Center after “trying to get himself killed by other inmates.”

Schorvitz had stopped taking his mental health medications, Virtue said. He said he believed Schorvitz was suffering from mental health delusions and issues.

On Wednesday, Judge Richard Bissen granted the defense request to have Schorvitz examined by three psychiatrists or psychologists.

The doctors are to submit reports on Schorvitz’s fitness to proceed in the case and his capacity to appreciate the wrongfulness of his conduct and conform it to the requirements of the law at the time of the offenses.

A May 20 return hearing was set.