Drug Court is next stop for Haiku man

The Maui News

WAILUKU — A Haiku man was released from jail and was ordered to apply to the Maui Drug Court program when he was placed on four years’ probation last month.

Alan Helenihi, 54, had pleaded no contest to second-degree promoting of a dangerous drug.

He was arrested Sept. 26, 2018, when police Crime Reduction Unit officers executed a search warrant in Haiku and recovered 8.8 grams of methamphetamine, as well as marijuana, said Deputy Prosecutor Annalisa Bernard Lee.

She said Helenihi told police he was “fronted” a couple of ounces of drugs to sell.

“He admitted to the police that he sells to support his addiction,” Bernard Lee said.

Helenihi has a limited criminal record and had held a job for 20 years while using methamphetamine, said Deputy Public Defender Zach Raidmae.

“He used meth even before the police knew what it was,” Raidmae said.

After losing his job and his home, Helenihi was living in his truck, Raidmae said.

“That is not a lavish lifestyle,” he said. “This is the way he found to support his habit without breaking into cars, stealing from Home Depot.”

Under terms of his plea deal with the prosecution, Helenihi agreed to participate in the Drug Court program of treatment and supervision. If he doesn’t participate, he faces revocation of his probation, Raidmae said.

When 2nd Circuit Judge Peter Cahill asked how much of the drug he needed to smoke to get high, Helenihi said “came to a point where I don’t get high, so I got tired of smoking.”

Helenihi said he was smoking “maybe a quarter-ounce” of methamphetamine a day.

He had spent nearly 10 months in jail before being released April 23. “I couldn’t breathe when I came in,” Helenihi said. “Now I can.”

As part of his probation, Helenihi was ordered not to consume alcohol or illegal drugs.


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