Woman assaults father’s girlfriend, gets 1 year in jail

WAILUKU — A woman who assaulted her father’s girlfriend and stole her car and cash was sentenced to a one-year jail term as part of four years’ probation.

While giving another chance to Sierrarose Seward, 27, of Wailuku, 2nd Circuit Judge Kelsey Kawano warned that she would likely face prison if she reoffends.

“You need to know you’re at the end of your rope,” Kawano told Seward.

Originally charged with second-degree robbery, she had pleaded no contest to a lesser charge of second-degree theft, as well as third-degree assault.

She was charged with assaulting the other woman by repeatedly punching her, pulling her hair and pulling her out of her car, which Seward stole on July 13, 2019. She also was charged with stealing $250 in cash after trying to take the other woman’s purse.

During her sentencing Thursday, Seward said she hasn’t had contact with her father and his girlfriend since then.

On her original sentencing date in June, Seward showed up, then left the courthouse before she was sentenced.

“You fled prior to your sentencing hearing,” Judge Kawano said to Seward. “That tells me that you have no regard for the authority of the court and the need to comply with the law. There’s an impulsivity with you that gives me pause.”

Her attorney, Cary Virtue, said Seward had left the courthouse to try to clear up allegations that she failed to check in while she was released on supervision.

Judge Kawano noted that Seward has a criminal history dating to 2008 in Nevada, California, Pennsylvania, Mississippi and Idaho.

“You’re the kind of person that seems to want to slide by,” he said.

In addition to a few aliases, Seward gave three Social Security numbers and six dates of birth, Kawano said.

He said he was considering her youth, based on one of her dates of birth, in sentencing her.

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