Monthly siren warning system test scheduled Monday

The Maui News

The monthly siren warning system and live test of the audio broadcasting system will be conducted at 11:45 a.m. Monday, the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency announced.

The Attention Alert Signal is a steady 1-minute tone on all sirens. The steady tone is used to alert the public to any emergency that may pose a threat to life and property. In the event of a real emergency, people should turn on a radio or television for information and instructions for an impending emergency, or if in a coastal inundation area, to evacuate to higher ground.

The wailing Attack Warning Signal will not be tested.

The outdoor warning sirens are one part of a three-component emergency notification system. A simultaneous test of the Emergency Alert System is conducted with the siren system in cooperation with Hawaii’s broadcast industry. In a real emergency, warning sirens and Emergency Alert Broadcasts would be joined by alerts via the Wireless Emergency Alert system, which delivers sound-and-text warnings to mobile telephones and compatible devices.

Contact the Maui County Emergency Management Agency at 270-7285 to report siren issues.

Tests of civil defense sirens and the Emergency Alert System are conducted normally on the first working day of the month.


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