Man accused of firing shot in argument is arrested

WAILUKU — A Molokai man was arrested after he allegedly pointed a rifle at another man and fired it into the roadway when the two men argued Monday night.

Chad Naehu, 37, of Kaunakakai was charged with carrying a loaded firearm on a public highway, being a felon in possession of a firearm, being a felon in possession of ammunition, keeping a loaded firearm in an improper place, first-degree criminal property damage, first-degree terroristic threatening, first-degree reckless endangering and keeping ammunition in an improper place.

The victim was driving home on Kamehameha V Highway at about 10:30 or 11 p.m. Monday when he saw Naehu, and the two stopped their vehicles next to each other. The two men began arguing and the victim reported that Naehu had a rifle on his lap when he opened his car door, according to police.

The victim told police that Naehu pointed the rifle at the other man before firing it into the roadway.

Then both men left and the victim went to report what happened to police.

Police reported finding a bullet hole in the road and a spent cartridge nearby.

Later, officers located Naehu, who said he had argued with the victim but denied having a firearm, according to police. Naehu agreed to allow police to search his vehicle, where police reported finding three bullets.

A preliminary hearing for Naehu had been set for Friday in Molokai District Court, convening in Wailuku. But Judge Blaine Kobayashi said he was informed that Naehu was in quarantine at the Maui Community Correctional Center because someone in the cellblock was quarantined due to recent travel. That would prohibit Naehu from entering the courthouse, Kobayashi said.

The hearing was rescheduled to Dec. 3, the day after Naehu’s quarantine is scheduled to end.

Naehu’s attorney, David Wiltsie, asked the judge to consider reducing Naehu’s bail from $452,000. In other criminal cases where Naehu was released on bail or supervision, “he’s performed at least marginally,” Wiltsie said.

Deputy Prosecutor Lewis Littlepage opposed the request, noting that Naehu is prohibited from owning or possessing firearms because of his convictions for two counts each of second-degree theft and unauthorized entry into a motor vehicle and for abuse.

Naehu is awaiting trial in two other cases alleging firearm offenses, Littlepage said.

Naehu is a co-defendant in an attempted murder case in which the victim was shot in the neck.

“He only survived because he was medevaced to Queen’s Medical Center,” Littlepage said.

He said that in another case, Naehu is charged with illegally possessing firearms and ammunition.

“He just cannot follow the court orders,” Littlepage said. “We have him using a firearm again to threaten an individual.”

In another case, a 23-year-old man suffered injuries including broken teeth after he allegedly was tied up and beaten for about five hours by Naehu, Littlepage said. He said Naehu allegedly threatened the victim to extort money.

“I think he is an extreme danger to the community,” Littlepage said.

Judge Kobayashi reduced Naehu’s bail to $110,500.

* Lila Fujimoto can be reached at lfujimoto@mauinews.com.


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