Bail kept at $10K for man accused of attacking victim at encampment

WAILUKU — A judge kept bail at $10,000 for a man who allegedly used a piece of wood to attack an unarmed man at a Kihei encampment last year.

Morley Kaliczynski, 31, has pleaded not guilty to second-degree assault and first-degree assault.

He was arrested last month on the charges stemming from the assault Nov. 17.

With Kaliczynski in isolation Thursday at the Maui Community Correctional Center, his attorney, David Wiltsie, asked for bail to be cut in half so the defendant might have a chance of posting it.

Deputy Prosecutor Johann Smith asked for the bail amount to be maintained, saying Kaliczynski has no ties to the community.

“This was an extremely violent attack, causing risk of death,” Smith said. “It was the beating of an unarmed man with a 2-by-4. He had to have his spleen removed.”

Smith said Kaliczynski has a prior criminal history in Utah as well as a traffic conviction in California.

Second Circuit Judge Kelsey Kawano noted that Kaliczynski’s prior criminal record was for nonviolent offenses, including forgery and driving without a license.

“However, the court has a concern with regard to the safety of the community,” Kawano said.

Before the beating, there had been an accusation that Kaliczynski stole belongings from the encampment, Kawano noted.

He said the victim was beaten on his arms, ribs and back until he lost consciousness, Kawano noted. He said the victim suffered a punctured left lung, fractured right arm, fractured back, fractured rib, ruptured spleen, and had a tooth knocked out.

In Wailuku District Court, Kaliczynski is facing multiple charges of contempt of court, as well as a charge of violating public health emergency rules and third-degree promotion of a detrimental drug, Kawano said.

While keeping bail at $10,000, the judge ordered that Kaliczynski not return to the encampment off Piikea Avenue.

* Lila Fujimoto can be reached at lfujimoto@mauinews.com


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