Travel-related virus outbreaks decline to 9 clusters, 148 cases

The Maui News

Maui County’s COVID-19 clusters continued to decline this week, though nine clusters totaling 148 cases were still active in the travel, lodging and tourism industry as of Thursday.

Of those cases, 109 were associated with the primary setting, while 39 were linked cases outside the primary setting, according to the state Department of Health’s weekly cluster report.

The numbers were down from last week, when 11 clusters of 154 cases were under investigation in the travel industry.

Since then, clusters among food suppliers have grown from one outbreak of 18 cases to two outbreaks of 40 cases, including 26 connected to the primary setting and 14 outside of the primary setting.

DOH also reported two clusters of nine cases due to social gatherings, with eight tied to the primary setting and one outside of the primary setting.

Health officials also wrapped up investigation of five clusters of 41 cases in educational settings, which were removed from the latest report.

Maui County still has the most active clusters in the state at 13.

Honolulu County has seven — two clusters of 26 cases due to social gatherings, two clusters of 20 cases in educational settings, two clusters of 12 cases linked to restaurants and one cluster of four cases in an unspecified category.

Hawaii County has three — one cluster of 37 cases in educational settings, one cluster of 12 cases connected to a social gathering and one cluster of eight cases associated with a place of worship.

No clusters are active in Kauai County.


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