Need for adoptions urgent with animal shelter full

Kittens are arriving at the shelter daily and require regular bottle feeding. Photo courtesy of Maui Humane Society

The Maui News

With the shelter at “critical capacity,” the Maui Humane Society is putting out an urgent call for adoptions for its 396 dogs, cats and other animals.

The shelter’s animal population has surged as the number of animals surrendered and found stray has multiplied exponentially over the course of a month, the humane society said Tuesday. Kennels are full, with multiple dogs sharing a space intended for a single dog. Adoptions are needed given the heat of the summer and less opportunity for the dogs to be walked due to COVID-related volunteer restrictions.

“If you are thinking about adopting, this is the time to take action and make it a reality,” CEO Steve MacKinnon said in a news release. “We are transferring as many animals as we can off island and maximizing our Foster Family network, but this dramatic increase in animal intake is pushing the limits of our programs and shelter capacity.”

Kittens are arriving daily, often so young that they require bottle feeding every three hours. Bottle Baby Foster parents have been stepping up, with 199 cats and kittens currently in foster homes, either waiting to be adopted or to reach an age where they can be spayed or neutered and made available. A total of 21 dogs and puppies are living with foster families; often these are medical cases, seniors and special needs dogs.

The Maui Humane Society has an urgent need for adoptions as the shelter reaches “critical capacity” with nearly 400 animals. Photo courtesy of Maui Humane Society

The Maui Humane Society Wings of Aloha program, funded by the Dave and Cheryl Duffield Foundation, has flown 86 animals to the Mainland this month alone, the news release said.

Prospective owners can spend 10 days with an animal before finalizing the adoption under the shelter’s new Paws To Adopt Program. All adults animals 6 months and older are eligible for the program.

To view available animals, visit mauihumanesociety.org. To make an appointment to meet an animal, call 877-3680, ext. 3, or book online at calendly.com/mhsadoptions. The shelter is open by appointment only from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Saturday. It is the only open-admission shelter on the island.


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