Molokai residents benefit from Nareit Hawaii Community Giving Initiative grant

Molokai Baptist Church receives a $75,000 grant from the Nareit Hawaii Community Giving Initiative. From left to right: Louise Manley, Pastor Randy Manley of Molokai Baptist Church, Malia Bentley, Amber Kaahanui, Kawika Kaahanui, Sen. Lynn DeCoite, and Nareit Hawaii Executive Director Gladys Quinto Marrone. Nareit Hawaii photos

The Maui News

Three Molokai families will benefit from a $75,000 grant awarded to Molokai Baptist Church by the Nareit Hawaii Community Giving Initiative last week, the largest grant ever awarded for the church’s Aloha in Action Program to support home refurbishment and building projects for residents.

“Opportunities are limited on Molokai to receive charitable funds to help families with housing needs,” said Pastor Randy Manley in a news release. “We are all very excited about earning this wonderful grant from Nareit Hawaii because it enables us to accelerate these housing projects and get these essential improvements done soon. Without Nareit Hawaii’s support, it would have taken us many months and possibly years to raise all of the funds necessary to help these families with their housing needs.”

Based in Hoolehua, Molokai Baptist Church will use the grant for its Aloha in Action program to purchase housing materials and combine that with community members providing volunteer labor support to address the pressing needs of the families.

Each family has its own housing challenge that will be resolved by the program:

The Nareit Hawaii Community Giving Initiative provided the $75,000 grant to Molokai Baptist Church in Hoolehua to support home refurbishment and building projects for residents.

• A disabled, single mother with three young children is receiving a new roof with a 30-year warranty to replace the badly leaking roof that currently covers the family’s home on a Hawaiian homestead lot.

• A single mother with two children and a grandchild living with her will have a bathroom and septic system installed; as their residence has no bathroom facility; and the family is having to use the bathroom facilities at the church.

• A small two-bedroom, one-bathroom home is being built on a vacant Hawaiian homestead lot for a young couple to own and start a family.

Nareit Hawaii Executive Director Gladys Quinto Marrone noted the grant was made possible due to the donations that REITs in Hawaii make to the Nareit Foundation.

“The Aloha in Action program is an inspiring example of how a community comes together with volunteer labor and a commitment to make homes better and safer for families to live in and raise children,” said Marrone. “Having a good roof over your head or being able to use your own bathroom are basic essentials that everyone deserves to have in their home. We are extremely proud to support these types of community-driven, family-oriented housing initiatives that are taking place on Molokai.”

Senator Lynn DeCoite, who represents Molokai, Lanai, Hana, East and Upcountry Maui, and Kahoolawe, participated in the award ceremony.

“It is heartwarming to see how the Molokai Baptist Church and its Aloha in Action program is utilizing this generous grant from Nareit Hawaii to provide life-changing support to these families on Molokai,” said DeCoite. “I applaud all of the volunteers for stepping forward to give of their time and how these projects will give these families a renewed strength that will make our beloved Molokai stronger.”

Manley added the benefits that the grant brings “gives us a tremendous sense of hope in providing these families needing help with the most basic of needs, good, safe housing here on Molokai.”

Applicants are now sought for Affordable Housing Grants in 2022.

The Nareit Hawaii Community Giving Initiative encourages other qualified organizations in Hawaii to submit applications to be considered for grants supporting affordable housing projects next year.

Applicants should be implementing projects that provide affordable housing for sale or rent. Grant funds are not intended for planning and will only go to organizations with “shovel-ready” projects or to make land purchases for such projects.

All applicants must fill out the electronic application form found on the Nareit Hawaii website at http://www.nareithawaii.com/reits-give-back/ and submit it via email to info@nareithawaii.com.

For more information about REITs in Hawaii and the Nareit Hawaii Community Giving Initiative, visit www.nareithawaii.com.


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