Hawaii: Fuel odor in Navy water prompts over 100 complaints

The Associated Press

HONOLULU — The state Department of Health said Tuesday tests of water samples from the Navy’s water system at Pearl Harbor have so far been inconclusive after it received more than 100 complaints about fuel-like odor coming from tap water in the area.

Kathleen Ho, the department’s deputy director for environmental health, said samples sent to a Hawaii lab showed there were no contaminants in the water up to five parts per million. But that doesn’t mean there weren’t contaminants in the water, she said.

The department expects to get results from samples sent to a California lab later this week.

Ho told reporters at a news conference that a department inspector also noticed a fuel-like smell while at Red Hill Elementary School and at a child center in Aliamanu.

Ho said all complaints about the fuel-like odor came from people using the Navy’s water system. The department has not received any complaints from customers of the Honolulu water utility, the Board of Water Supply.

The department on Monday recommended that all Navy water customers avoid drinking their tap water. It also recommended that those who can smell fuel in their water avoid using it for bathing, washing dishes and laundry.


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