Bringing the world’s respect back to America

I urge you to read the entire Washington Post story about Ambassador Hoekstra and the Dutch reporters.


It would only be restating the obvious to list the important clues contained in the appointment of ex-congresscritter Hoeksta. But let’s do it anyway:

1. Deliberate lying.

2. Multiplication of fake news.

3. Ignorance of a nearly subhuman order.

4. Arrogance.

5. Deliberate insult to a faithful ally, first by the appiuntment, second by not withdrawing it when Hoekstra insulted the Dutch.

6. Rewarding stupidity.

Hoekstra is quoted as saying, “It’s not about me,” which is true in the sense that he is Trump’s and Tillerson’s man.

Of course, it is also about him — a small, ignorant, arrogant fool.

It is impossible to imagine any previous administration keeping an envoy after such a performance.

I greatly admire the Dutch reporters or their coolth and persistence:

” ‘A lot of Dutch people have seen the press conferences of the White House and seen how some questions are not answered,’ he said. ‘Everybody knows about “alternative facts.” And this fits that picture.’

“He said that the press corps’ unwillingness to let the question go was a spontaneous response, adding that he had seen a similar tactic employed on a smaller scale when Dutch politicians gave evasive answers to direct questions. But he said politics in the Netherlands differs a bit from the current situation in the United States.

” ‘In the Netherlands, you don’t get a straight-up answer if you ask straight-up questions,’ he said. ‘But you hardly get false answers.’ “

Finally, the stupidity of Tillerson is revealed and his humiliation is completed:

The State Department did not respond to a request for comment.