Want extra stupid with that?

It is not a simple thing to select the stupidest statement of the day from the rightwing. The competition is fierce.

But on some days, the fog clears. Such a day was last Friday. The defense ministers of the United States and South Korea met in Hawaii. The American, Mattis, said something so spectacularly stupid that it is hard to imagine anything stupider:

“The international pressure campaign [against North Korea] must continue,” Mattis declared, adding that “our aim remains a complete and verifiable and irreversible de-nuclearization (CVID) of the Korean Peninsula.”

I think it is adorable of the general to enshrine his stupidity in an acronym.

You’re cute when you’re stupid

It should not be necessary to state what is so stupid about this, but since the statement seems to have been received complacently, perhaps it is.

(See http://www.hani.co.kr/arti/english_edition/e_northkorea/829891.html)

The North Koreans could scrap their atomic bombs, and the South Koreans are not supposed to have any.

Now, it happens that by official county policy, Maui County is a nuclear-free zone (not that the national government pays any attention). But as we saw with the missile alert, the point of being safe from atom bombs lies not in the launching point but the landing point. The North Koreans are aware that the CVID of Korea itself means zip, since the United States has thousands of missiles in America and on submarines that are just as much a threat as if they were parked at Osan, (the big American air base in South Korea).

Perfectly safe here

What the North Koreans heard Mattis say was, “Our policy is that North Korea must disarm unilaterally.”