Moral testing time

Some of the decisions the US Supreme Court have laid the entire strength of te legal argument on sincere religious belief — a meaningless phrase but let us assume such a unicorn does exist.

Vice President Pence is the leading self-declared evangelical in politics, I was surprised to see that he is visiting Guatemala. Guatemala is the world center of evangelical murder.

These murders were not objected to by American Evangelicals and were assisted and encouraged by the American government.

At least 200,000 people, primarily Indians living in the upcountry, were murdered in the name of evangelical Christianity in Guatemala.

So this visit would be a chance for Vice President Pence to say something about his sincere religious belief, either to endorse the murders or — as the Congregationalists have done — to regret and apologize for past misdeeds.

I doubt he’ll do this since is in addition to being a sex pervert a moral coward. So I’m not holding my breath.