The spirit of Drancy

RtO has been inveighing against the spirit of gleichschaltung since very early in the Trump administration. Although at first some responses indicated that readers thought this was over-the-top, I don’t suppose that now anyone will deny that the top of the American government is being completely nazified.

Today NPR interviewed Brandon Judd, a Trump-loving Border Patrol union leader who is feeling mighty aggrieved that people are comparing his agents to Nazis or the Gestapo. Judd’s level of self-awareness is very low and I expect his level of historical awareness is even lower, but the more accurate comparison would be to the Milice, the Vichy militia who rounded of Jewish children on behalf of the Germans.

They were, as Jeff Sessions would put it, serving the cause order and law and authority. And once they loaded the children onto the trains to the east it was none of their business what happened.

I could go on and on about gleichschaltung but nothing that I could say makes the point as eloquently as fervently and as evilly Brandon Judd makes it:

BRANDON JUDD: What we’re doing is we’re prosecuting these individuals. And we do separate them for a very, very short amount of time. It’s not this separation that people are thinking weeks, months, even years. That’s just not…

KELLY: To be clear, this is when people just cross the border, Border Patrol…

JUDD: Correct.

KELLY: …You’re talking about a period of a few hours.

JUDD: Correct.

KELLY: They might then go into the custody of other federal agencies, which are longer-term detention.

JUDD: Yes, if they go into the custody of other federal agencies, there could be a separation that’s a little bit longer, but that percentage is small because we just don’t have the facilities to hold very many people. So the zero tolerance, when people hear the zero tolerance, you would think that we’re prosecuting 100 percent of the people that are crossing the border.

And that’s not true. In fact, we’re prosecuting between 10 and 20 percent of the people that cross border. So technically…

KELLY: But hang on, that’s the whole point of the zero-tolerance crackdown is that everybody crossing the border illegally is supposed to be getting prosecuted. You’re saying that’s not happening?

JUDD: That’s not even close to happening. With that small number of prosecutions, you’re hoping to drive the numbers back down. And if you drive the numbers back down, then we’ll have the resources to prosecute 100 percent.

KELLY: But help me square two facts. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen have said U.S. policy going forward is anyone who crosses the border illegally will be prosecuted. You’re telling me that’s not happening, that’s a tiny fraction that’s actually being prosecuted.

JUDD: It is a tiny fraction. They’re hoping…

KELLY: Why? What’s…

JUDD: We just don’t have the resources. Just in one station, one station alone, we’re arresting about 200 people that cross the border illegally per day. We’ve got over 150 stations in the United States. We just don’t have the resources.

KELLY: Let me ask you about the direct consequence of this Trump administration policy, which is families being separated at the border. Have you heard from any members who are uncomfortable with that policy?

JUDD: No, because again, the Border Patrol agents, we’re not separating families. We’ve been called the Gestapo. We’ve been called Nazis. I mean, we’ve been called everything in the media. The fact of the matter is as Border Patrol agents, we are not separating families, except for a few hours for them to go see a magistrate or in extreme cases

JUDD: OK. I can’t speak to what ICE does. The Border Patrol agents are not separating families from children. When we do, it’s for a couple hours. What happens with ICE after that, I don’t know.