WWJD? Separate the families?

I think not. Please note, rightwing thugs, the part of the Bible that Jeff Sessions referred to is not what Jesus said. Even the people who believe the Christian cult is based on the sayings of Jesus don’t purport to think that the Epistle to the Romans had anything to do with him.

The Jesus Seminar, which attempted to determine which parts of the Gospels really did refer to Jesus, did not look at the epistles but there’s little doubt that the standards that they applied to the Gospels would have excluded Romans 13 or anything like it from the authentic message of the Messiah.

Let me be clear. I disagree with the majority of American theologians who think that there was a Jesus in Palestine two millennia ago. Certainly the one described in the Gospels who raised people from the dead never existed.

I’m sure that many many schizophrenics were wandering around Palestine at that time telling people that the voices they heard in their heads were messages from God, but that’s not the same thing as believing in an historical Jesus

If you’re going to believe in Jesus, those of us do not wish you would believe in the kinder gentler Jesus — who as a matter of historical record I never heard about growing up in the South in the ’50s. I heard a hell of a lot about Jesus then but he wasn’t kind or gentle, and as for his Father, fugeddaboutit.

Well, religion is gotten wimpy and the 21st-century and even the Southern Baptist Convention believes that their version of Jesus wouldn’t have broken up families, and they’re on record saying so. Good for them and for all of the other Christians who are speaking out against the fascists running our supposedly secular government.