(I have not been posting recently because I am busy pulling up stakes on Maui and moving to Maryland. RTO will continue as usual once I get resettled.)

Because everyone must make it stand, let me say here that everyone involved in the kidnapping, abuse and incarceration of children should be tried for kidnapping, conspiracy and child-abuse and that includes the president, the head of The Department of Homeland Security, everyone in ICE and the Border Patrol who’s been involved in stealing these children, everyone from the janitors up to the presidents of the private corporations running the child jails.

Being near Trump notoriously destroys the reputations of anyone so incautious as to go that close. Now the contagion of his criminal regime has stretched out to include people far from him physically though close to him spiritually. According to polls most Republicans agree with kidnapping and child-abuse.

I am not surprised and I am disgusted.