Ask the Mayor

Mayor Alan Arakawa answers some of the most-asked questions submitted to his office staff.

Q: My neighborhood, Lukaha Circle in Kihei, recently had the road surface conditioning done on it. After they finished the surfacing, they came back and painted the lines back on the road. Most of them. There is a small section that they haven’t repainted at all, and it looks ridiculous. When we asked our homeowners association why, we were told that they have contacted the county and were told that the county has run out of money and apparently doesn’t intend to finish the project. That can’t possibly be true, can it?

A: No, that’s not what happened. The Department of Public Works recently finished seal-coating that subdivision. I’m told there was extra striping down the middle of the roads, which is not needed in a residential subdivision, so the road crews did not reapply it. This keeps the striping consistent with every other similar subdivision. If your homeowners association has concerns or questions, have them call Public Works at 270-7845.

Q: Why aren’t the owners of abandoned cars tracked down by the vehicle identification number or plate number and arrested?

A: The county identifies registered owners of abandoned vehicles by VIN and sends them letters of notification, demand for payment, and then accounts are sent to a collection agency if all the expenses incurred are not paid. Unfortunately, this sort of thing is happening more often as metal recycling prices go down and international import restrictions affect U.S. metal and scrap yards from shipping out their inventory.

Q: Is there a map of properties with cesspools on Maui? Can it be accessed by the public? I’d like to know where sources of groundwater pollution are in my neighborhood, especially in times of flooding.

A: The state Department of Health collects cesspool data. We contacted them about your question, and they gave us this link, which is part of the Hawaii Statewide GIS Program: http://geoportal.hawaii.gov/datasets/on-site-sewage-disposal-systems-maui?geometry=-156.393%2C20.794%2C-156.285% 2C20.822&selectedAttribute=class_i

Class I should be selected for cesspools. Another good online resource from the Department of Health can be found here: www.health .hawaii.gov/wastewater/cesspools/

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