Ask The Mayor

Mayor Michael Victorino answers some of the most-asked questions submitted to his office staff.

Q: Why are the speed limits on Hana Highway past Paia mostly 30 or 35 mph? The speed limit for a highway shouldn’t be the same as Kaahumanu Avenue. That seems to be a ridiculously slow speed for a highway. Have you ever followed a line of tourist cars from Huelo into town going 35 mph on a daily basis? It is pretty annoying. Please raise the speed limits on Hana Highway. Mahalo.

A: My staff reached out to the state Department of Transportation and after speaking with officials they believe that the speed limit for Hana Highway from Paia is appropriately posted considering residential areas with direct access driveways, narrow shoulder widths and school zones. DOT plans to re-evaluate Kaahumanu Avenue and possibly make adjustments to lower the speed limit considering it is urbanized with sidewalks, bike lanes, curb/gutter, multiple traffic signals, etc. Mahalo for your time and I’d like to remind all of us to please always drive with aloha.

Q: I live in an apartment with people living above and on the side of our unit. We could smell a strong scent of marijuana that started a week ago, and it’s been happening almost daily. It’s sometimes twice to three times a day and lasts for at least three to seven minutes at a time. We can’t conclude where it’s coming from but it goes to our bathrooms every time it happens. Do I have the right to call police and ask them to investigate if it is legit or actually a pot session? I’m just concerned about our health. Please advise.

A: Mahalo for your question and I am sorry for your situation. You may want to first contact your landlord or apartment manager to make a complaint regarding this issue before going to police. However, you can call the Maui Police Department’s nonemergency phone line at 244-6400 and officers can follow up to see if the people have a medical marijuana card or if it’s an illegal activity.

Q: What items are currently being recycled on Maui? I have heard rumors that certain items like glass are just being thrown into the landfill and that cardboard will soon be given the same treatment. Is this correct? Please clarify.

A: We have heard concerns that some recyclables are being disposed of at the landfill rather than actually being recycled. We want to reassure the community that this is not the case. It is true that global recycling markets are in flux and the types of materials that are being accepted have been restricted. Even in the face of these challenges, the County of Maui is continuing its recycling systems — but we do need your help to do the best job possible.

If you are taking your recyclables to the county residential drop boxes located at the various areas around Maui island or to Recycle Molokai, please make sure that you sort your items properly and deposit only the items listed as recyclable on the drop box bins. We ask that you do not “wish-cycle” items that are not specifically listed as acceptable.

At this time, the items we accept are: plastic bottles No. 1 and No. 2, cardboard, newspaper, glass bottles and jars, aluminum cans and bi-metal cans. Make sure to rinse your containers well and recycle only clean, unsoiled cardboard or newspaper.

Together, we can keep recycling viable in Maui Nui. Mahalo for your kokua. For more information about what to recycle and where, please visit:

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