Ask The Mayor

Mayor Michael Victorino answers some of the most-asked questions submitted to his office staff.

Q: Can you please tell me what the requirements are for a nonmobile food stand or trailer? Can it be on residential or agriculturally zoned property? Where would I find the specific protocol to begin?

A: I think the best piece of advice I can give you is to begin your process by consulting with the Department of Planning Zoning Administration and Enforcement Division. They can be reached at 270-7253. Staff can help verify the land use designations of your proposed location, discuss potential requirements and verify if any land use approvals will be required.

Food stands and trailers can be permitted in Commercial Zoning Districts. Agricultural food establishment can also be permitted under specific circumstances. Other important considerations include parking requirements and special management area requirements.

For food trailers, after consulting with Planning Department staff, you may apply for your vendor license through the Department of Finance and Division of Motor Vehicles and Licensing. Please call the DMVL at 270-7363 and staff can arrange to email you a Vendor Business application and instructions.

I would strongly encourage you to go through the process of considering the wide array of land use designations and configurations — to ensure you are in compliance with any county requirements. I’m very excited to see a small business in the works and I wish you great success with your future.

Q: Has there been any progress made on building the West Maui Greenway — a bike and pedestrian path in West Maui? The greenway is a proposed multiuse trail that is intended to provide a safe and family-friendly place to enjoy the outdoors away from the heavy traffic on Honoapiilani Highway. It also connects communities and destinations, while offering alternative transportation.

A: I can assure you that I am keeping a close eye on projects like this one, which will encourage our residents and visitors to drive less and walk/bike more throughout our county. My staff reported to me that our Department of Public Works is working on plans and designs for a segment of West Maui Greenway between Kapunakea Street and Lahaina Civic Center. The Hele Mai Maui 2040 transportation plan, which is the long-range transportation plan for the Maui Metropolitan Planning Organization, identifies the West Maui Greenway from Ukumehame to Lipoa Point as a priority project over the next 20 years.

I am very grateful to the various agencies involved in this project, including the West Maui Greenway Alliance, Maui Bicycling League and many others for their commitment to champion this project. I hope to see continued progress on this Greenway and others across our community. For more information, please visit mauimpo.org/hele-mai-maui-2040.

Q: Much needed bus shelters were installed on Lower Honoapiilani Road and Hoohui Road in front of the Valley Isle Resort. However, the shelter on the south side of the road is no longer there and only has a couple of seats. Can you explain why?

A: Unfortunately, the shelter you are referring to was removed after it was damaged by someone driving their truck into our bus stop. Our Department of Transportation is working with the Departments of Corporation Counsel and Risk Management to determine our next steps in recouping the costs needed to fix the shelter or having it replaced. The other issue is we do not have any spare shelters to quickly install at the location, so installing a replacement will take time and possibly a budget amendment.

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