Ask The Mayor

Mayor Michael Victorino answers some of the most-asked questions submitted to his office staff.

Q: Mayor, could you please help me with my question. I’m interested in applying for one of Maui County’s boards and commissions, but I’m not sure which one, and I don’t know what the requirements are (if any). Also, when is the deadline and how do I apply?

A: Mahalo for your question and interest. I cannot stress enough how important our boards, councils, commissions and committees are to Maui County. Many are essential to county operations, providing oversight and leadership for our departments and community.

There are a variety of County Charter requirements for each of these bodies, but these are tracked and fulfilled by my office. For example, the Council on Aging requires at least eight seniors and the Urban Design Review Board requires two architects, one land architect, two civil engineers and one person from Molokai and another from Lanai. This is a true balancing act for my staff and is led by well-respected Community Liaison Gladys Baisa.

There are no major requirements to volunteer for a board or commission, but the one thing I want to strongly communicate is that attendance is critical. If you commit to joining a council or committee, I ask you to make every effort to attend every meeting. This is a prominent position in our community, and we should treat it with the appropriate level of respect.

We are looking for the next group of leaders to bring fresh perspectives and new ideas for Maui County. I implore our residents to use this opportunity to leverage their talents, degrees and experience toward helping Maui County grow into a healthier and better community for all people. We have 42 vacancies across all of the county boards, councils, commissions and committees. The application deadline is Nov. 15.

Responsibilities include hearing public testimony and reviewing policies and standards. Panel members also make recommendations and decisions that impact Maui County. Positions are appointed by the mayor, confirmed by the Maui County Council and have terms lasting two to five years.

Applications are being accepted for Urban Design Review Board; Maui County Arborist Committee; Maui County Cultural Resources Commission; Board of Ethics; Board of Variances and Appeals; Commission on Persons with Disabilities; Council on Aging; Fire and Public Safety Commission; Hana Advisory Committee; Kula Agricultural Park Committee; Lanai Planning Commission; Liquor Control Adjudication Board; Liquor Control Commission; Maui Planning Commission; Police Commission; Affirmative Action Advisory Council; Civil Service Commission; Commission on Children and Youth; Maui Redevelopment Agency and Real Property Tax Review Board.

Anyone interested in serving on a board or commission should first apply online at www.mauicounty.gov/Boards. Paper applications are available at the county building in the Mayor’s Office on the ninth floor, and in the information booth in the main lobby; at Council Services offices on Molokai and Lanai and in Hana; and at all Parks and Recreation Permit offices (Wailuku, Makawao, Lahaina, Kihei, Hana, Molokai and Lanai). Paper applications should be mailed to: Mayor Michael Victorino, County of Maui, 200 S. High St., Ninth Floor, Wailuku 96793, or faxed to (808) 270-7870. For more information, call 270-8211.

 Q: With so many restaurants getting red health inspection ratings, why are Maui inspection records not included on the State of Hawaii searchable website at hi.healthinspections.us/hawaii/? The State of Hawaii Inspection Health Portal website only lists Hawaii island and Oahu inspections. This would be great for transparency as well as to help businesses with conditional passes.

A: My staff reached out to the state Department of Health with your email. We were told that Kauai and Maui are the only islands that are not on the “Digital Health Department,” or DHD. The state DOH is currently working through issues with its vendor to include Maui and Kauai as quickly as possible, but there are some issues that are not under their control.

I know the Department of Health wants to include Maui’s list of food inspections into the health portal as soon as possible, and my office will be monitoring ways it can assist.

* Want to Ask the Mayor? Submit your Maui County related questions to Mayor Michael Victorino by email at askthemayor@mauicounty.gov, by phone at 270-7855 or by mail at 200 S. High St., ninth floor, Wailuku 96793. Questions submitted will be considered for inclusion in the “Ask the Mayor” column; to request a personal response to a concern, email mayors.office@mauicounty.gov.


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