Ask The Mayor

Mayor Michael Victorino answers some of the most-asked questions submitted to his office staff.

Q: When is the county going to put up for sale the three lots it owns on Keoneloa Street in Wailuku as a result of the lawsuit about the 30-foot height restriction in the building code?

A: Mahalo for your question on this matter. In the first few months of my administration, I transmitted a resolution requesting the authorization from the County Council to dispose of the three county-owned Sandhills Estates lots. My decision was based on a task force, which was convened in 2016 to consider and recommend the best usage for the lots. The task force determined that developing individual housing units on the site would not benefit the county and disposing of the lots was the best alternative for recouping funds for alternative affordable housing projects.

In December 2016, the lots were appraised by an independent contractor for a total market value of $666,000.

The resolution is currently in the council Economic Development and Budget Committee as item EDB-33 but has not been scheduled yet for discussion by the council. I hope this answers your question.

Q: We purchased a property four years ago and upon cleaning it up, we have found two derelict vehicles. Purchasing our own home has been a dream and we want to care for our property by properly disposing of the vehicles. We are willing to pay, but I’m concerned as to how we take a vehicle to recycling if it is not registered to us? Both vehicles are old, have no discernible tags and have been abandoned for quite some time. Any kokua would be greatly appreciated.

A: I’m very happy for you and your family on the purchase of your very own property. It is unfortunate that you have to deal with this issue, but I asked my staff to follow up with our Abandoned Vehicles and Metals Section for some guidance.

You should begin by calling the Maui Police Department’s nonemergency phone number at 244-6400, and select “0” to be transferred to a dispatcher. Advise the dispatcher that you would like to request an officer to respond and document the abandoned vehicle. The officer will make a report, confirm that the abandoned vehicle is not stolen and assign a report number. This documented report then allows you to contact a tow company to have the vehicle removed. Keep in mind that the tow company will include upfront disposal costs as part of their towing charge quote (not just the towing service).

Additionally, you should also contact Hammerhead Metals, the only permitted facility that can recycle old cars. Hammerhead will ask you to complete its Abandoned Vehicle Certification/Indemnification form, which you can do once the vehicle is delivered to their facility. If the vehicle has no vehicle identification number, Hammerhead will need a copy of the police report. The report will confirm the vehicle is not stolen.

Seeing abandoned vehicles on the sides of our streets is an issue that continues to frustrate me, but I know our county workers are working hard and exploring new ways to combat this problem. If you or anyone else has further questions, you may call the Abandoned Vehicles and Metals Section at 270-6102.

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