Giving a special joy

Well, it is Nov. 1 already — what we consider the beginning of the holiday season.

It is important to remember at this time of year that the true joy of the holidays is in giving.

Selecting just the right gift for a loved one and seeing it bring cheer is a special delight this time of year.

An equal amount of satisfaction can be enjoyed by giving to anonymous individuals, knowing the gift will make a hard life a little easier, filled more with hope.

While the lights twinkle and shopping centers fill and the anticipation of family and friends gathering grows, there are thousands on Maui who greet each day with dread or despair — the homeless, the hungry, the lonely, the abused, the physically disabled, the mentally handicapped and those who have lapsed into a never-never land of drug abuse.

The Maui United Way through its 40 member agencies reaches out and touches those in need in our society. A list of the MUW agencies and others can be found on its website, www.mauiunitedway.org.

MUW’s mission statement is simple:

“At Maui United Way we work every day to strengthen our community through caring partnerships and programs that make measurable differences in people’s lives.”

One gift can help so many people. The easiest way to offer help is to go to the website mentioned above — www.mauiunitedway.org — and click on the large button on the left side of the screen marked “Please Give.” A PayPal screen will pop up that will allow you to help MUW and its agencies soothe the hurt.

Christmas is a time for giving. The Maui United Way makes your gift work for the betterment of the community.

A little time spent thinking about others will add to the joy of the season.

* Editorials reflect the opinion of the publisher.


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