One keystroke is not enough

Email is an easy, inexpensive tool. Maybe too easy.

Many clubs, professional organizations, governmental offices and even law enforcement agencies and fire officials now use “e-blasts” to alert bunches of people about events in one easy keystroke.

The only problem, as we have discovered, is that many email programs have junk mail or spam filters that reject or hide many of these messages. In particular, we have heard that many flat-out label anything addressed to “undisclosed recipients” as spam.

Now, our spam filter puts such messages in a junk mail folder so they do at least get through to our computer. But, on a typical morning there were 184 messages in our junk mail folder. All but 11 of them were true junk mail.

The point is that it is awfully easy to overlook a legitimate email in a sea of spam.

We are not certain what the answer is. Perhaps dividing up your recipients into smaller groups and making the e-blasts take three or four keystrokes instead of one. Our spam filter at least has a white list option that allows you to put an emailer onto it and supposedly that organization’s emails will not go into the junk folder in the future.

We’re not certain just how well that works, though, because we have one business acquaintance’s emails who keep ending up in the junk no matter how many times we white list him. Perhaps the computer knows something about him we don’t.

To letter writers or clubs publicizing events or meetings, we’d recommend the virtual newsroom on our website for submissions. We know those items will get to the right department.

But we recognize that for multiple mailings, e-blasts are the easiest solution. Sometimes, though, the easiest way is not the best way.

* Editorials reflect the opinion of the publisher.