Too many distractions

As we often write here, the revolution in electronics and mobile devices is undoubtedly a boon for our economy as well as our lifestyles.

Yet, we know that talking on a cellphone or texting while driving are major distractions and are, in fact, illegal here.

That said, we wonder about some of the other devices now available that are undoubtedly cool and attractive, but can provide just as big (if not bigger) of a distraction as mobile phones.

Specifically, we are wondering about things like touch-screen GPS devices and Bluetooth (or wired) music players in automobiles. We rode in a rental car with an in-dashboard GPS navigational system. It had a beautiful, LED-like display and it took us right to the address we wanted to go to — but, boy, we had a hard time keeping our eyes off it.

Likewise, we like to play our personal music player through the speakers on our car. But we’ve found ourselves looking at the gadget when one play list ends and we decide to select another one. Unfortunately, we are usually driving the car at the same time.

To be frank, we are worried that other drivers are just as distracted as we sometimes are. We are even becoming convinced that the hands-free phones are not safe to use when driving.

Multitasking just doesn’t seem to be a good idea when one is piloting a couple of tons of car down a road at 45 miles per hour.

We’re not certain what the answer is. It simply seems that distracted driving is going to be a major concern for a long time to come.

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** This Editorial published on Thursday, Jan. 10, 2019, has been corrected