Great way to renew

Usually the words “government” and “efficient” don’t go together easily in a sentence (or, for that matter, in life).

That’s why we were happy again this year when we received the registration renewal notification for our car from the Division of Motor Vehicles and Licensing and saw that we could take care of it online.

When we first renewed our registration on line some four years ago, we thought, “Well, this is going to be a complex process that is going to require some obscure bit of information we don’t have.” In case you didn’t notice, we are a bit pessimistic about governmental transactions.

But, “Voila!” The renewal took less than two minutes — and we had the new tags for the car the next day in the mail. Yes, that is correct — the next day.

Seriously, if your car has a current safety sticker, the county’s web registration renewal is a breeze. We’re not sure who designed the interface, but whoever did deserves a hearty congratulations. If it is an off-the-shelf piece of governmental software, whoever selected it deserves the thanks of Maui’s citizens.

In short, our government has an efficient way to renew your auto registration. There, we did it. “Government” and “efficient” in the same sentence.

And the best part is that — in this case — they belong together.

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