Complaining about Eden

A group of men here on Maui were discussing the weather and some of the comments reflected poorly on our rather pampered lifestyle.

The heart of the discussion was all the rain Maui had this winter. We didn’t join in because we have been delighted that rainfall has allowed us to go many days without sprinklers on.

While that may not amount to a “priceless” gift, with water rates on Maui it is at least a pretty pricey one.

But the men were lamenting the loss of days — particularly weekend days — for certain outdoor activities. Like golf and tennis, for example.

Being transplanted here from the Mainland has given us a slightly different perspective. Winter has been referred to in at least three of our previous residences as the “endless winter.”

In a couple of our previous residences, golf courses are still blanketed in snow in March.

When we lived in the Midwest, March was the kickoff of vicious storms, often featuring tornadoes — always featuring lightning and hail.

So, we are happy to trade a few rounds of golf for no snow, no tornadoes, no hail — and a lower water bill.

And, we really have not lost that many days. It seems to us that a lot of Maui’s rain comes down at night — sort of like Camelot.

“The rain may never fall till after sundown

By eight, the morning fog must disappear.”

OK, Maui may not be Camelot. We don’t have fog. By our reasoning, that simply makes it better. Paradise is probably a better comparison.

(A version of this editorial appeared previously in The Maui News.)

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