The lucky guy’s day

Fathers are the luckiest people on Earth.

Thanks to the beautiful women in our lives, we get to help create little creatures who love us unconditionally. Oh, they soon get over that unconditional stuff. But for the first few years, we get to have the joy of having someone’s eyes light up when we simply enter a room.

For too short a time, fathers get to cheer at soccer and Little League games, laugh at school plays, and applaud at Christmas pageants.

We remember:

Big Brother working tirelessly on his comic book collection; our princess trying in vain to breed cockatiels from the two female birds we had haplessly bought her; and the younger son astonishing all the 1st grade parents with a boffo solo performance of “Little Drummer Boy.”

Great days that went by too quickly.

To all young fathers, we’d offer one simple piece of advice — don’t waste a day of your children’s youth. There will be plenty of time for golf and cards later in life.

And to top off all the good fortune of being a father, they even have a day to honor us. Mom and the kids are actually going to thank us for our contributions today.

Well, on behalf of fathers everywhere, we’re very flattered by today’s gestures. But it seems a little silly for you to be saying thanks for giving us the best days of our lives.

(P.S. – Five years ago we discovered a joy that rivals, maybe beats, being a father — becoming a grandfather.)

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