The answer is at home

Well, here comes our broken record again urging our readers to patronize local businesses.

It is awfully easy to shop on the internet. Too easy. Heck, if you even express interest in a product, a bot will follow you to almost every website you visit reminding you about it.

It’s almost like the product is chasing you around the cybersphere.

We’ve written many times in the past that we think internet shopping is a real threat to local, small communities. Too many dollars are siphoned off by companies that have no connection to Maui.

Perhaps, there is no magic wand that can be waved to stave off these multiheaded monsters, but we’d repeat a theme mentioned here consistently for years:

Please shop at home.

As we noted in a past editorial, “A dollar spent online is not going to walk back into the door of your business. But, if you spend it locally, there’s a good chance that the business you work for — or even own — will see that dollar march right back in the door.

“Frankly, shopping locally is the best way to ensure that friends, neighbors and even ourselves stay employed.”

Maui has scores of businesses that can provide just about anything you need from a retail vantage point. We have world-class resorts, restaurants and activities — a “staycation” on Maui promises to be as exciting (if not more) than a trip anyplace else on the planet.

All these retail businesses, resorts and restaurants, etc., are manned by our friends and neighbors. Patronizing them will keep Maui’s economy humming.

Shopping locally also makes the purchase of a product or a service a true “social experience.” Forget social media — shake the hand of the person selling you the item.

It may well be that prosperity — like charity — begins at home.

(Portions of this editorial have appeared previously in The Maui News.)

* Editorials reflect the opinion of the publisher.