All-mail balloting worth a try

All-mail election balloting is coming this August and November in hopes of boosting the state’s and county’s pathetic voter turnout.

In the last general election in November 2018, with a mayoral election and four open seats on the County Council, only 52.4 percent, 50,650 out of 96,721 registered voters in Maui County, cast ballots in the critical election.

We have to do something.

Hawaii will become the fifth state to go to all-mail balloting and experts say it’s not a panacea. A study of Washington state, for example, indicated only a 2 to 4 percent jump in voter turnout.

But it is a start.

Voting is a right that too many of us are taking for granted. When only about half of voters are making decisions for all of us, it is time to take pause. Democracy only operates correctly when the People — all the People — choose its leaders.

Voting really is a responsibility. Hopefully, all-mail balloting removes an impediment or excuse from doing your civic duty.