Life is precious

Kobe Bryant’s death has evoked a universal reaction. He was one of nine killed in a helicopter crash in California on Jan. 26. His daughter, 13-year-old Gianna, also died.

What an absolutely tragic, devastating, crushing situation.

Many of these reactions across the country and around the world contain a similar message: Life is short, so cherish every moment and love everyone while you’re here on Earth.

While those are excellent messages, it’s sad that we need tragedy to bring forth these periodic reminders.

If Bryant and company had journeyed safely to Mamba Academy for basketball practice, would we view life differently?

Why do we need tragedy to occur to put everything into perspective?

Life indeed is short, and Bryant’s impact was indeed universal. He was poised to accomplish so much more post-career. His daughter was an up-and-coming hoops phenom and, by all accounts, a good person as well.

We must remember all other seven victims and their families, too.

Our hope is that, going forward, we can have a renewed way of viewing our own and others’ precious lives every single day rather than needing such sad occurrences serve as reminders to not take life for granted.

May all nine victims of that awful crash rest in peace.

* Guest editorial from The Ashland Daily Independent in Ashland, Ky.


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