Maui time year-round

Most of the United States will “spring ahead” tomorrow.

Hawaii hasn’t observed Daylight Savings Time since Sept. 30, 1945, but the majority of Americans will set their clocks one hour ahead before going to bed tonight.

Hawaii is closer to the equator and changes in daylight hours are negligible when compared to the Northern and Southern hemispheres. We, therefore, don’t have to deal with the disruption to our sleep patterns that people in North America and Canada experience when Daylight Savings Time begins tomorrow.

We do, however, need to be aware of the time differences when attempting to contact friends, family and others who live on the North American continent:

• Pacific Time Zone — three hours.

• Mountain Time Zone — four hours.

• Central Time Zone — five hours.

• Eastern Time Zone — six hours.

One of the reasons for Daylight Savings Time is to increase evening daylight hours in the Northern and Southern hemispheres during the spring and summer months. Thanks to our 21 degrees north latitude, we enjoy Maui time year-round.