MLB season may end prematurely

We did not need the news from Major League Baseball on Monday to tell us what we did not know already. No matter the sport, no matter the precautions, no matter how secure we seal off athletes from the world, and no matter how much Americans needed the comfy distraction of their national pastime, this novel coronavirus finds a path to do its worst because people do not live in bubbles, after all.

Of course there was bound to be an outbreak of COVID-19 during this experimental run at some sense of normalcy just as there was with the Miami Marlins over the weekend that has now spread to at least 17 of the team’s traveling party. A series of games this week on into the weekend has been canceled, players are sitting in quarantine and the rest of us have been put on notice that the MLB’s 60-day season may be coming, sadly, to a premature end.

And, of course, there will be disappointment and there will be more outbreaks, more disruptions to life. Everything else that we associate with life as we once knew it is in the crosshairs. Unfortunately, the odds are stacked against any return anytime soon to the way we once lived. When you hear that “we must learn to live with this virus”? That’s where we are.

And while it is OK to be grumpy about all of that, we — collectively — have not come to grips with that reality. Not how to take our next steps forward.

The time to have been cautions with this pandemic, to prepare for its eventual spread, of course, was months ago. But Americans, as we are proving, are not a patient lot.

But that does not mean that the battle is lost.

We still have to take appropriate measures to make sure that we keep as many of our friends and neighbors out of harm’s way — especially the elderly, those with compromised immune systems and those with underlying health issues because they are vulnerable.

But, please, let’s stop kidding ourselves. We cannot just open everything back up without consequence.

It hurts our heart to think of kids not going back to school, of their primary lessons in reading and writing and social engagement being delayed yet again. A whole class of seniors missed out on prom and participating in a normal graduation ceremony.

Well, guess what. There may not be a Homecoming game this fall, no crowning of a king and queen, no Homecoming dance.

No conference championship.

No Most Valuable Player.

No World Series.

But we can cut our losses if we find the temerity to deal with the facts honestly and without emotion, if we follow the lessons of science.

But we need to get a grip, now, right now, and plan accordingly.

* Guest editorial from the Register Herald in Beckley, W.V.


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