Pause needed to conduct tests on impacts of GMOs

The initiative on the November ballot is a moratorium (temporary halt) on genetically modified or engineered organisms (GMO) to allow for environmental and health impact assessments.

Monsanto and Mycogen are conducting GMO open-air experiments, creating new organisms and applying experimental chemical mixtures daily. Their experiments are not contained, as drift is carried with trade winds and runoff.

Would it not make sense for us to test air, water and soil samples?

The Environmental Protection Agency testified before Maui County Council that it does not test chemical combinations. There is cause for concern. Instead of pouring millions into a campaign of lies, biotech could have simply listened to 19,000 people and paid a fraction of that for testing.

There is no farming ban. Most of the people you see on those TV commercials are paid or are relatives of Monsanto/Mycogen. The GMO moratorium will not affect mom-and-pop coffee shops or real local farmers who don’t grow GMOs.

There’s should be no job loss. Testing can be done while plants are in the ground or they can switch to non-GMO crops.

Blame the corporations like Monsanto for not providing us with the impact statements and not cooperating in the past. Don’t blame the concerned community members. Let’s unite for truth.

I’m voting yes on the initiative to test the agro-chemical corporations’ GMO impact in Maui County. Our islands deserve an environmental and health assessment. Our health, water, reefs, soil and future generations depend on it.

Deborah Mader



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