Another nail in the coffin of waste-to-energy plan

For over three years a working group of recycling operators, advocates and others have commented on what we see as a bad deal for Maui County. The proposed waste-to-energy plan presented by the Arakawa administration was characterized as a “no-cost” plan for handling Maui’s solid waste resource management issues. We have consistently challenged this project as unsustainable, fiscally disastrous and environmentally irresponsible.

In mid-March of this year, we were pleased to note that the firm which conducted the operational audit agreed with us. The auditing firm’s work was reported in the March 16 edition of The Maui News under the headline: “Audit official confirms net cost of proposed waste-to-energy plant.”

We were pleased again to read in The Maui News April 22 edition a front page story headlined “Officer: Anaergia deserves no preferential treatment. MECO maintains the biogas power is too costly, would increase rates to customers.” In short, the PUC officer reported that the cost of implementing the county/Anaergia agreement is higher than advertised.

We believe that it is time to put the last nail in this coffin and get this nonsense behind us. We know that the environmentally and economically responsible action is to continue the development of communitywide recycling and composting programs. As a community, we know how to do this and we know that the time to do it is now.

Jeff Stark



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