Council Member Don Couch represents Democratic ideals

As a longtime Maui Democrat, I am pleased that County Council Member Don Couch recently joined the Hawaii Democratic Party.

I’ve been suggesting this for 12 years, while Don has remained nonpartisan. County government is nonpartisan, and he felt that was his best policy to serve all constituents. Don sets an example for community service, informed planning decisions, support for all Maui residents, environmental and cultural protection, and creation of jobs and reasonable housing with minimum impacts. These to me are Democratic ideals.

Our late, great Sen. Daniel Inouye appreciated Don, and surprised many of us when he would welcome Don up on the stage during Democratic Party rallies.

This election cycle is a critical time to take a stand, and it is heartening that so many have become new Democrats this year. Don belongs in this group. His service as president of Boys & Girls Club of Maui, so children of working parents have a safe place to go after school; with Akaku TV, keeping free speech freely accessible; as an administrator at Maui Planning Department and Pacific Disaster Center was admirable.

On the council, Don serves as the voice of common sense, finding workable solutions to do the greatest good and least harm. When I have disagreed with him on issues, he has been accessible, and we could discuss the issue and work to find solutions. Don works hard, and is committed to doing what he believes is right.

Congratulations and welcome, Don.

Jonathan Starr