‘Ohana Coalition all share Hawaiian values

I just filled out my absentee ballot with enthusiasm. I voted for all the ‘Ohana candidates and here’s why. I’ve attended council meeting for four decades, seen a few outstanding leaders and more than a few place holders. There have been a few statesmen/stateswomen, but often deliberations were sabotaged by grandstanding from would-be mayors. I’ve seen egos jockeying for power and recognition. What I haven’t seen is a unity of purpose and any deep connection with the fundamental values of Hawaii.

Until now.

The Sustainable Action Fund for the Environment (SAFE) was created to support better government based on a set of values that come from aloha aina — a love and respect for the land, our precious resources and all of our citizens.

I have spoken with all of the ‘Ohana Coalition candidates. Each in his or her own way embodies certain skills that would be of great service for our maturing political process. But it is the Hawaiian values they share that is unique.

Just think about this. For the first time ever, we can have a council that operates from their hearts and not just from their heads. We can have a council conducting business in a spirit of aloha and lokahi.

I believe a mostly new council will do wonders for advancing matters like affordable housing and homelessness, issues that have languished for years.

Learn why you should vote in the ‘Ohana candidates. Go to votemaui.org.

Mark Sheehan



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