Actions of protesters too often go overboard

This is a protest against the protesters — small groups of people banding together, often as mobs, and determining what happens to us instead of the determination being made by our laws, elected representatives and most citizens. The results are too often wrong decisions and harmful to individuals and properties.

The Superferry, which could have brought our island state closer together and allowed families on different islands to see one another at bearable costs, was stopped by protesters now in California; the best place on Earth for telescopic exploration of the universe is being lost because of protesters, although the ancestors of Hawaii were explorers; police in the act of protecting us and their own lives are judged immediately guilty by protesters without facts or due process with people and communities seriously harmed; and now the outcome of legally held democratic elections that are not what some would wish are protested against, hurting the hope of our coming together for constructive efforts.

While free expression of views is part of America, mob rule and harm to individuals, property and our orderly governance is not.

There are two ways that this could be countered. One way is for the media not to broadcast and highlight the protests. If no one is going to see it, they won’t do it. The other way is for our leadership at all levels, from the top down and from all sides, to speak strongly against such protests instead of empowering, enhancing and even instigating them.

George S. Lavenson