Bureaucrats or entrepreneurs better?

Thank you, Joe Kent, for your recent Viewpoint (Oct. 11) on “Who serves the public better, bureaucrats or entrepreneurs?” I have long believed that companies run organizations more efficiently than government.

Based on Oliver Porter’s book, “Creating the New City of Sandy Springs,” Mr. Porter has proven how making use of private industry works. In a comparable community to Maui, this Georgia city’s budget is $106 million annually compared with our $732 million. They have 266 workers compared with our 600. Kent says, “Private companies provide all the public services except for police and fire.”

Inscribed on the official seal of Sandy Springs are three words: “honesty, efficiency, responsiveness.”

Their residents report a high level of satisfaction. The town has a $45 million surplus, no public debt, and no unfunded liabilities for pension and health care benefits.

As a political outsider and a formerly successful Silicon Valley executive, I’d like to use my 30 years of experience in business to make our county government more efficient and effective.

In two years I will run for mayor. I hope to make our government work better while we create the ideal society of the future, or Mauitopia (see www.mauitopia.org).

Maui is no ka oi already. Just imagine how much better we could make it if we also have many of our entrepreneurs helping to run the county. We would outsource many of our services to them. Our public will be thrilled and well served.

Ori Kopelman