Consider what 2 spiritual leaders said about Trump

Regarding the letter “If you love God the only choice is Trump,” perhaps those Trump voters don’t pay attention to the news, other than Up Trump and Down Hillary. They said, “If you love God as he loves you, the only choice is Trump.” Well the Pope has spoken out against Trump as president, as has the Dalai Lama. Two of the planet’s leading spiritual leaders agree that Trump would be bad for the country and the world.

The letter writer also said, “One Nation Under God! That is the foundation by which our nation was intended to thrive.” Perhaps they don’t remember the “Separation of Church and State” foundation, which was the goal of the Founding Fathers of our country. Sen. Joe McCarthy added the “Under God” part in 1956 as an anti-communist position with his “Red Scare.”

The Trump is the only choice attitude may be in part because he is the man on the ballot. This reminds me of a man that said that even though his daughter is strong willed he knows she will learn to obey her husband, because that is God’s will! So, God loves Trump and Trump loves God, because they are both men, and the women should obey Trump because that is God’s will? Trump wants us to think so. Do you?

Anyone that believes that Trump is their God’s choice for our president needs to consider what the Pope and Dalai Lama think about this as well.

Harlan Hughes